Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hello there, long time no see

Hello there, I just wanted to say a quick "hi" so you don't think I have disappeared from the face of the earth. I have been working on some pieces but I don't have a final product yet. I finished "Because Nice Matters" the weekend I promised I would, but I still don't know if I am going to frame it or finish it some other way. I need to decide soon !! I have also made my first little scissor fob and I am so excited.... It was fun to make. I won't post a picture of it until next week since it is a birthday present for a friend and I don't want her to see it yet. I have also been working on the Christmas ornaments from Little House. I finished Fa-La-La and I am working on the pear tree, over one on 28ct, so it is going slowly. Tonight is stitch night at my favorite cross stitch shop Fancy Mats and More, so I am ready to drive there and stitch, stitch, stitch. I will post some pictures this weekend hopefully. Until then, be happy and...... stitch away !!!

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