Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mary Wigham Continued

Well, I think luck is on my side, or should I say friends are on my side. It looks like I'll be able to finish my Mary Wigham in Autumn Medley after all thanks to awesome Judy Tyykila. Judy just saved my life, as she moved heaven and earth to find two more skeins of the darn color which are on their way to Colorado. I am so excited and I can't thank Judy enough. Cross stitchers truly make a great community of people.

Parece que la suerte esta de mi lado, o deberia decir mis amigas estan de mi lado. Gracias a Judy Tyykila, amiga y miembro de my Sampler Guild of the Rockies, he encontrado el suficiente hilo en Autumn Medley para poder terminar my Mary Wigham. Estoy muy ilusionada porque me encanta la mezcla de colores y ademas no tengo que deshacer nada !! :-) Gracias Judy !!

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