Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ready For My Angel Sampler

As you all see, I keep adding projects and more projects to my list, but this one I am really excited about. I've had this chart for a few years and I am finally ready to stitch it. It is a 1795 Angel Band Sampler from Historic Stitches. The stitcher of this sampler never signed her name, so it is not possible to trace it's maker's origins. It was purchased in England, and in spite of its relatively late date, it is more suggestive of English band samplers of earlier times, the late 17th century band samplers, or of the early 18th century samplers, a transitional time when samplers were evolving from a long and narrow band shape to a more square form. The middle band of this sampler has an almost religious feel, with two angels flanking a table set with teapot and cups, as if for some sort of ceremony. Another interesting feature of this sampler is that the bottom third, which contains the large, repeating floral motif, is stitched over three threads, a characteristic of 17th century English band samplers. It doesn't have complicated stitches, only cross stitch and satin stitch, which is probably a good thing. :-)

Como podeis ver, sigo añadiendo mas y mas proyectos a mi lista, pero este Sampler me hace mucha ilusion. Lo he tenido bastantes años, pero nunca me habia hecho el ánimo de empezarlo. Ya tengo la tela y los hilos y estoy preparada. Este es un Sampler Ingles fechado en el 1595. La autora nunca firmó su nombre, así que no se han podido trazar sus origenes. Es típico de los Samplers ingleses del siglo 17 que se bordaban en differentes bandas o secciones con distintos temas. Este particularmente, tiene motivos religiosos bordados en la banda del centro y la banda de la parte de abajo se ha bordado sobre tres hebras en vez de dos, lo cual no es muy tipico. Ya ire publicando fotos de mi progreso.


Katrina said...

Oh that's going to be gorgeous. I love the colors. Can't wait to see your progress on it.

Candi said...

Oh.. I just love samplers and silk threads. That is a lovely pattern. I wish I was so lucky to get patterns from England! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I will be sure to come back to visit yours!

Margaret said...

I've never seen this one before! So pretty! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!

Maria said...

La verdad que este sampler que vas a empezar tiene una pinta estupenda!

Gracias por visitar mi blog, volveré a ver tus progresos.

Valerie said...

I am so glad that you found my I have found yours! Your stitching is gorgeous and the Angel Band Sampler is going to be beautiful! I love the thread that you chose for your Mary is going to be magnificent! And to think that you almost had to change! How lucky we are to have such wonderful stitching friends. They really are worth their weight in gold. So glad that your beautiful threads are on their way to you! I look forward to your progress!