Friday, August 26, 2011

A bit more of the same....and Hawaii

Well, hello there !!!

Long time no see :-)  I don't really have any excuses for my lack of posting, other than laziness.  I really have not been in much of a blogging mood, but I certainly have been reading all of your blogs and admiring your beautiful work.

Well, it seems unbelievable that the summer is almost over by now.  The highlight of my summer was our trip to Hawaii for a week.  It was truly a blessing to have that time off and it couldn't have come at a better time.  It was peaceful and relaxing.  Breakfasts with an ocean view, days at the beach just reading and resting, lots of friends to catch up with, my niece's company and time with my dear husband.  The highlight of my trip was swiming with the dolphins !!!  Oh my gosh, what amazing creatures... I almost cried when my hour with them was up.  So precious.... I can close my eyes and I am back in the water with them.  So amazing, and something I'll never forget.

Well, I wish I had tons of new things to show you, but I don't, really.  I have continued to work on my two wip's: I Sigh Not For Beauty and Spanish Mystery sampler, as I am determined to finish them before I start something new.  But I've also found a little bit of time to work on a couple of little things.  Below are some pictures:

This is a design by Rovaris that I though was finished in such a clever way, isn't it?

This is my progress so far.  It is a very easy stitch and can be done almost anywhere and at any time.  Cute !!

Another thing I've finished and I don't think I've shown you is the little Hornbook by CHS.  I truly enjoyed this guy and I have the hornbook frame all ready for it.  I just need to pin it and frame it.  I did't use the colors it asks for because they were not very colorful and they all seemed to blend together in a too boring way, so I chose my own.  It is stitched with NPS and I don't remember the color of the linen !!

Here is my progress on the Spanish Mystery Sampler.  I absolutely love this piece and I can't wait to finish it.  I am enjoying it so very much.  I love that red color in the middle of it, don't you guys?  I think it gives it character :-)

And here is my I Sigh Not For Beauty....I heard from Fran, the designer of I Sigh Not to let me know that the fabric I am using is not the one she actually chose for the sampler.  So I think there was some mix up between me and the store where I ordered the fabric from.  Oh well..... I am not going to let that bother me anymore because I really love the sampler. 

Below is my name and date stitched the correct way.  I initially stitched it and when I took the linen out of my q-snap, I realized I had stitched my name upside down !!!!  Certainly not one of my finest moments.  Yikes !!  I had to frog everything and stitch again.......over one !!

Here are some pictures of my trip to Hawaii.  I've taken some pictures of Hawaiian quilts for you quilters out there.  Aren't they beautiful??

This was the view from our resort room.  To wake up every day to this..... can it get any better???

My husband and I on our way to the Luau :-).  I wish the man had kept his eyes open because I think this picture is beautiful with the sunset in the back.  

Part of the Luau....

My niece Marina, hubby Brent and I

This is my niece Marina stitching at our favorite breakfast place

And I left the best for last !!!  The sweet, sweet dolphins that I absolutely loved.  What I joy it was to jump in the water with them.  

This is it for today...... Thank you kindly for stopping by, I appreciate each and every one of your comments.  Enjoy the rest of the summer !!