Friday, February 19, 2010

There is something about Fridays that just makes me jump with joy. The prospect of two whole days ahead of me to stitch and relax makes me feel happy. Whether it is a date with my husband (usually dinner and a movie) or a whole evening cuddled up at home with my stitching, I just love it !! It is cold and snowy in Colorado today, so it is going to be home in front of the TV stitching and that suits me just fine :-). I am half way through La-D-Da's "Because Nice Matters;" this is an old chart I have had and finally decided to stitch it. I have changed the colors and I am stitching it on 35ct. I hope to finish it this weekend. I am not sure yet if I will frame it or if I will finish it some other way. More to come on this. You all have a great weekend and......keep stitching !!


pedidos a: said...

Simply beautiful

pedidos a: said...

simply beautiful

Industrioushead said...


I am so glad you like my designs. Your sewing is beautiful. I would love to see "Red and Blue Houses" when you are done and post it too my blog.